September 17, 2007
Eight hundred

Yesterday, Rick Noriega reached the 800 donor mark on ActBlue. Since yesterday was the two month anniversary of when we first started asking people to donate to Rick via ActBlue, I think that's pretty awesome. As there's still two weeks left in September to pad that total before the reporting deadline, I see no reason why we can't try to push that total even higher. So please if you can donate to Rick Noriega, and let's aim high.

Since the question came up in my previous post, the number of supporters listed at the top of this page will be greater than the sum of the donors for the individual ActBlue pages listed. I asked ActBlue about this discrepancy, and what they told me was the following:

Many candidates on ActBlue never create a fundraising page; they just want to accept contributions directly. They can do that with the base link like the one above for their campaign. Since it's not going through anybody's page, but it's still money coming to the campaign, it doesn't get added to anything except the numbers on listed on the candidates ActBlue Hub.

In other words, if you click on this link, the number of supporters gets incremented, but none of the donor totals for individual fundraising pages do. If instead you click this link, the number of donors for the Netroots for Noriega fundraising page gets bumped up by one as well as the number of supporters on the hub page. It's all good either way, but now you know the difference.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on September 17, 2007 to Election 2008