October 03, 2007
Interview with Annette Dwyer

For my next interview, we head out to District E for a conversation with Annette Dwyer. She is a resident of Clear Lake, a member of Council Member Addie Wiseman's Citizens Advisory Committee, and a board member of the Association of Clear Lake Communities (ACLC) and the Northfork Community Association, among other things. The MP3 file of the interview is here and the Kuff's World post is here.


Zaf Tahir - At Large #5 - MP3
Joe Trevino - At Large #5 - MP3
Lawrence Allen - District D - MP3
John Marron - District I - MP3
Manisha Mehta - District E - MP3
Council Member Anne Clutterbuck - District C - MP3
James Rodriguez - District I - MP3
Marlon Barabin - At Large #5 - MP3
Wanda Adams - District D - MP3
Jolanda Jones - At Large #5 - MP3

Posted by Charles Kuffner on October 03, 2007 to Election 2007