October 12, 2007
Sam Houston for Supreme Court

Gotta love the idea of having this name on the ballot next year: According to Harvey Kronberg, a Houston attorney named Sam Houston will run for the State Supreme Court:

For most, the name Sam Houston conjures up vision of the hero of San Jacinto and the first president of Texas prior to its joining the union.

In the civil litigation community however, Sam Houston is a well respected medical malpractice defense attorney.

Houston is filing the treasurer papers today for his campaign to challenge Supreme Court Justice Dale Wainwright in the general election next year.

Houston breaks stereotype by running for the Court as a Democrat. He will announce a prestigious list of attorneys who will be on his steering committee and other organizational efforts. Included in his list of defense counsel that will be helping the effort are Craig Lewis, Lewis Law Firm; Sam Cruse of Cruse, Scott, Henderson, LLP; Dave Matthiesen of Dave Matthiesen & Associates, Enrique Moreno of El Paso; Steve McConnico of Austin; Nancy J. Locke of Fulbright, Jaworski, Curry Cooksey of Orgain, Bell and Tucker, LLP; John Beckworth of Watt, Beckworth, Thompson and Henneman, LLP; and Michael Solar of Solar & Fernandez.

State Senator Kirk Watson (D-Austin) is on board as is plaintiffs attorney Hartley Hampson.

The best part of this is that it means there will now be at least two Democratic challengers to incumbent Republican judges, meaning we're one step closer to resolving the Criss/Yanez dilemma. Now if only we could get some equally presitigious folks to run for the Court of Criminal Appeals, I'd be very happy. Hal has more.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on October 12, 2007 to Election 2008