November 01, 2007
Help DFA support Rick Noriega

This is a no-brainer.

Local Democracy For America groups have endorsed Rick Noriega for Senate. Texas DFA members are providing boots on the ground. Now, Rick has the chance to get the national DFA endorsement, but it won't happen without your support.

If we reach 5,000 grassroots supporters by midnight November 3rd, DFA will take action.

Here's the email call to action:

Rick's track record of standing for progressive values in the Texas legislature is hard to beat. After serving 14 months in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban, he came home and served as the Incident Commander of Houston's Hurricane Katrina relief efforts helping thousands of evacuees put their lives back on track.

Rick is committed to bringing change to Texas and moving America forward. Our question to you: Should the DFA national membership get behind this race right now and make Rick Noriega the first DFA Senate endorsement for 2008? Sign the statement of support today to make it happen:

Next week could be a big week for the Noriega campaign. Dick Cheney and George Bush are coming to Texas to raise money for Rick's Republican opponent. With the national support of DFA, Rick could highlight the incredible amount of people power behind him against the back drop of a private $1,000 a plate Bush sponsored fund raiser. But we can't act if we haven't heard from you. And we only have until November 3rd at midnight to decide.

Should Rick Noriega earn the first DFA Senate endorsement for 2008? Sign the statement of support today to make it happen:

Democracy for America is a member driven organization. Endorsements always start from the ground up. Let us know if you think this is the time for DFA members nationwide to take action.

It just takes a minute, and it's a fine cause. But if you still need more, consider this:

Vice President Dick Cheney landed a little while ago at Love Field. He's in Dallas to raise money at a reception tonight for Sen. John Cornyn. Unlke Mr. Cornyn himself.

Alas for the senator, he's stuck in Washington awaiting a vote on controversial state children's health insurance program. Mr. Cornyn is keen to help kill the Democrats' plan to expand SCHIP, though his stance has earned him many nasty editorials.

He will call into the reception.

"Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it," Mr. Cornyn said. "I'm pleased that the vice president would take time out of his schedule to assist us in that effort."

Cheney's visit will be followed next week by one from President Bush. That's what John Cornyn is about. Need we say more?

Click to endorse Rick Noriega

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Posted by Charles Kuffner on November 01, 2007 to Election 2008