November 05, 2007
First came Cheney, now comes Bush
I mentioned last week that Lord Cheney was skulking into Texas for a fundraiser in support of John Cornyn (who as it happens couldn't be there for it; he was back in DC voting against S-CHIP yet again). Cheney's visit is to be followed this week by President Bush, for the same purpose. So, in the spirit of the Darcy Burner campaign, we'd like to welcome Bush back to Texas with a fundraising effort for Rick Noriega. I'll save myself a little typing and simply point you to these three diaries for the details. This is going to be a week-long effort, with some great announcements to come as we go, so I hope you'll get in the spirit of things and visit the ActBlue page for this effort. And stay tuned for more information. Thanks very much. Posted by Charles Kuffner on November 05, 2007 to Election 2008