December 03, 2007
Filing news: Murphey and McDavid

I'll be doing quick hit posts like this as news of various candidate announcements comes my way...

I received a press release from a fellow named Sam Murphey, who is running as a Democrat in HD55, the open seat that had belonged to Diane White Delisi.

Today I am here to announce my candidacy for State Representative, District 55. We are pleased and proud that you all are here to show your support. As someone who has spent 38 years in service to our country both in and out of uniform and 44 years as a resident of Bell County, I care deeply about Texas and the Bell County in which our children and grandchildren will grow up, marry, have families of their own, and make their future. We all want to see a Texas where our children can grow up healthy, get a good education in our public schools, and have a fair opportunity to attend an affordable Texas college or university. We should expect a Texas where working families aren't drowned by sky high utility bills, over priced insurance rates, expensive toll roads and high taxes.

Our state government faces serious challenges in the years ahead in many areas. Transportation, health care, education and agriculture are just a few. We need positive change in Austin to solve these problems, and it will take new leadership to make that change happen. We need to end the partisan bickering that now prevails in Austin and put Texas families first, not special interests.

Today I am here because I believe I am the best qualified candidate in this race to move Texas toward these goals. I have defended America in uniform during times of peace and war at lonely outposts around the globe. I have worked hard for the families of Bell County and Fort Hood as a senior member of Congressman Chet Edwards' staff. And I have helped to grow and promote business and economic development in Bell County through leadership in area Chambers of Commerce. This experience, along with my proven leadership ability, sets me apart from others in this race.

Together we can help end the divisive partisanship that has raged in Austin for the past several years and bring back the spirit of cooperation and bipartisanship that has traditionally been the hallmark of the Texas legislature. Together we can find solutions to the difficult problems facing our State and our County; quality education for our children, safe and accessible roads for personal travel and vital commerce, health care for all our citizens, and agriculture to maintain plentiful and affordable food for our families' dinner tables.

Today is the first day of our campaign effort. This election is about who has the experience and proven record of leadership to get real results for Bell County in Austin. Over the coming months, our campaign will work hard to earn the support of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents across Bell County.

My name is Sam Murphey. Today it is my honor to file my application for State Representative, District 55 and formally place my name on the ballot.

I'm thrilled to see a candidate like this step up in a red district like HD55. This looks like a very tough row to hoe, but if the HDCC is involved (as is clear from the email I got), then this is a race to watch.

Here in Houston, Ginny McDavid will make her official filing for HD138 tomorrow.


Come join us for Virginia's Filing Party!

Tuesday, 12/4/07
4:30 pm - join us at HCDP
Headquarters for Virginia's filing
(1445 North Loop West)

5:30 - 7:30 pm-Reception at Cavatore's
(2120 Ella Blvd.)

* CPA for 19 years; public & private industry experience
* Flight attendant with over 17 years experience with a major international carrier
* Awarded Civilian Desert Shield & Desert Storm Medal by the US Air Force
* Active in the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) Air Transport District 142
* Democrat challenging Republican incumbent Dwayne Bohac in Texas House District 138

Where HD55 is red, HD138 is purple. With all the attention Harris County is going to get next year, this ought to be a high profile race. Stay tuned.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 03, 2007 to Election 2008