December 22, 2007
"Toxic Mike Jackson"

From the Texas League of Conservation Voters:

The Texas League of Conservation Voters (TLCV) announced today the release of, a website designed to highlight State Senator Mike Jackson's disgraceful record on clean air and other environmental issues, his ignoble distinction of filing the worst environmental bill of the 20007 legislative session, and his overwhelming financial support from big polluters and other special interest lobby groups in Austin.

"Sen. Jackson repeatedly puts the special interests of big polluters over the health and safety of his constituents," said TLCV's Executive Director, Colin Leyden. "This website will give voters in his district the information they need to make an informed decision at the polls in November of 2008."

Backed by the polluter lobby, Jackson filed SB 1317 earlier this year to stop Houston's efforts to clean up toxic air pollution. Jackson's lobby-backed bill prohibited a municipality from regulating air pollution through ordinance.

"Voters are sick - literally - and tired of politicians accepting big checks from industry lobbyists and then turning around and doing their bidding," said Leyden. "Voters in Senate Dist. 11 are ready to send career politicians like Jackson a message at the polls: You've failed to fight for our interests, and now it's time to leave."

During floor and committee debate, it often appeared as if Sen. Jackson either did not understand his own bill or was being purposely misleading, Leyden said. Despite being told otherwise, he repeatedly argued to fellow Senators that Texas should let the EPA do its job of regulating toxic pollution. He also seemed to think that the issue was part of ongoing efforts to reduce area smog. Unlike NOx and other major ozone contributors, the EPA does not regulate toxic air pollution.

"It's difficult to know which is worse - willful ignorance or deceit," said Leyden.

Sen. Jackson was named one of TLCV's "Worst" senators in their 2007 Legislative Scorecard.

The Texas League of Conservation Voters and the affiliated TLCVPAC is dedicated to electing legislators who conserve Texas air, water, parks, public lands and public waters, and defeating those who don't.

Two words: Joe Jaworski. 'Nuff said.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 22, 2007 to Election 2008