December 29, 2007
Never tell a geek it can't be done more efficiently

Elise Hu has part eight of her series on Governor Perry's email retention policies, which has come down to a contest between Perry and his minions against open-records advocate and all-around pit bull John Washburn - see here for my previous entry. In this episode, AG Greg Abbott has issued an opinion dismissing Washburn's claim (PDF) that Perry's office was attempting to nickel-and-dime him to death. Washburn has now fired back that this is simply an effort to use ignorance and claims of technical incompetence to stifle him. He then adds his own offer to compensate for the latter, complete with full source code. It's a glorious example of righteous geeky indignation. Check it out.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 29, 2007 to Show Business for Ugly People