December 29, 2007
Filing news: Richard Morrison for Fort Bend County Commissioner

I've mentioned this before, so it gives me great pleasure to note the official filing by Richard Morrison for Fort Bend Commissioner's Court in Precinct 1. Here's his press release:

Residents of Precinct 1 have lost confidence in Tom Stavinoha. His choice to approve a toll way as an extension of the Grand Parkway, his support of I-69 through the middle of Fort Bend County, his conscious decision to ignore flooding and drainage problems in the precinct, and his approval of the location of a 20 story pile of Houston's garbage in Precinct 1 demonstrates how little he cares about the current families of Precinct 1. Residents of Precinct 1 are tired of leaders who will not stand up to the big moneyed interests and who engage in "pay to play politics" which leaves current residents without effective representation. Stavinoha has lost his focus on the families that live in Precinct 1 and their critical issues of quality of life and an honest ethical government. That is why today I filed to run for Fort Bend County Commissioner of Precinct 1.

The families of Precinct 1 are demanding a leader; someone with a backbone, willing to fight outside interests that want to pillage our county resources to the detriment of our current residents. I am a seventh generation Texan, whose parents and grandparents taught me to stand up for what you believe in, work hard and play by the rules. I will apply those lessons to the office of Commissioner. I will S.T.O.P the Grand Parkway Toll Road. I will keep I-69 and the Trans Texas Corridor as far away from Fort Bend County as possible. I will fix the flooding and drainage problems that exist in the precinct. I will fight against the location or expansion of any landfills in the county. And I will make sure that Fort Bend County acquires no more debt goes back to operating on a pay-as-you-go basis. I want to reform the Commissioner's office, making it a place where leadership, responsibility and ethics prevail. I will mount a strong, issues based campaign to win this most important post in the 2008 General Election.

I will campaign as a voice to the families of Precinct 1. I am pro-business and pro-growth, but these issues should not diminish the quality of life of the families that already live in the precinct. I have chosen to raise my family in Precinct 1. My family and I have lived in Fort Bend County for 12 years. We are residents of Greatwood. My law office is in Precinct 1. My church is in Precinct 1. My children attend school in Precinct 1. My wife shops for groceries in Precinct 1. The County Commissioner needs to know how to prioritize the growth of Precinct 1 with the needs of its current residents.

Fort Bend County has a budget of more than $214 million per year, much of it is spent without explanation. No-bid contracts for expensive professional services are awarded primarily to big donors. Hundred million dollar bond issues are passed for roads to nowhere. When elected I will fight to pass ethics reform, so that Commissioner's Court will not be able to accept donations from entities that have or will have no-bid contracts with the county.

I will restore the words "fair, honest and hardworking" to the office of the Commissioner. The Commissioner's office will not operate in secrecy. I will make decisions based on facts, not campaign contributions. When elected I will do everything in my power to open up government to the voters. Budgets, appointments, contracts, and campaign contributions will be made available on the web for anyone who wants to see them. Every decision I make will benefit the current families of Precinct 1.

In filing for my candidacy for County Commissioner, I am sending a strong message that it is time to run Precinct 1 on behalf of the current families that live there. I will fight for higher ethical standards, provide stronger oversight to manage future growth, and make quality of life for the current residents a top priority.

I hope to have the support of all the families in Precinct 1. I need your time talent and treasure to get to take back seat on Commissioner's Court.

David Mincberg has echoed some similar themes about ethics and no-bid contracts here in Harris County. It'll be interesting to see how that plays in the election. Morrison supposedly has several primary opponents, so if you're in his precinct, be sure to vote for him in March. Hal has more, including the equally welcome news that Albert Hollan will be running for the newly-created 434th District Court.

Elsewhere, BOR reports that a veteran family advocate and community lawyer named Sandra Phuong VuLe has filed to run for HD112 up in Dallas, which was left open by Rep. Fred Hill's retirement. Hill was an anti-Craddick voice last session, so that's a vital race to watch. It's fairly red (Moody = 41.8% in 2006) but not completely unreasonable. And as we know from HD97, nothing should be considered truly out of reach as long as Tom Craddick is a factor.

We're starting to see a lot more action in the local judicial races. As of this morning, twenty-four candidates, representing 21 judicial seats, have filed. Eleven of them have done so since Christmas. There are still nine seats (by my count) for which no one has yet filed, but I have no doubt that all slots will be filled by then. It's just a question of how many contested primaries we'll have - I'm expecting at least five.

One place we're seeing a bunch of contested primaries is in the Constable and Justice of the Peace races, with several of the challengers being repeat customers. JP Jo Ann Delgado in Precinct 2 Place 1 faces Sandra Delgado again, while JP Hilary Green in Precinct 7 Place 1 will be opposed by 2004 hopeful Giovanna Carroll-LaFleur (formerly Phillips). Precinct 1 Constable Jack Abercia will square off against Jack Boatner again. Precinct 3's Ken Jones now has two challengers, while Precinct 7's May Walker now has three.

All incumbent State Reps have filed except for HD142's Harold Dutton. No challengers yet in HDs 128, 130, 132, 136, and 150; all but 150 were unopposed in 2006. Still no contender for Congress in CD02.

Finally, South Texas Chisme brings us a great headline: GOP struggling to find candidates in Webb County. If nothing else, that's good news for State Reps. Richard Raymond and Ryan Guillen.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 29, 2007 to Election 2008

Finally, South Texas Chisme brings us a great headline: GOP struggling to find candidates in Webb County.

Isn't Louis Bruni running as a Republican against Zaffirini? Or is this comment only regarding the House races?

Posted by: blank on December 29, 2007 1:01 PM

The story is about countywide races. You're right about Bruni, but SD21 is bigger than Webb. I included the comment about House races because HDs 31 and 42 are within Webb.

Posted by: Charles Kuffner on December 29, 2007 2:38 PM

Okay, that makes more sense. Even though SD-21 technically represents lots of other counties, I often equate it with Webb, since that's where the plurality of the voters reside.

Posted by: blank on December 30, 2007 1:51 AM