January 13, 2008
Henley and CD07

Saw a copy of the Bellaire Examiner at my in-laws' house the other day, and this article about the CD07 race caught my eye, as it gave some background as to why 2006 Democratic candidate Jim Henley decided to run elsewhere this year.

The Democratic primary threatened to become interesting just a few weeks ago, around Thanksgiving, when Henley told the Examiner he was ready to enter the District 7 race after learning that former radio talk show host John Truitt intended to run.

"I had planned to run," Henley said. "We have a wonderful group of volunteers who were prepared to work their hearts out in a second campaign."

Within a few days, though, Truitt decided the Democratic Party was not a good fit for him and declared himself an independent candidate, the [Michael] Skelly candidacy was firmed up and Henley's direction changed.

One Democratic activist told the Examiner, off the record, that Skelly's deep pockets made him appealing to a party leadership that thinks Culberson may be increasingly vulnerable.

"Culberson had his worse showing ever against Henley two years ago, and Henley spent just a little more than $100,000," she said. "With stronger financing and a politically astute guy like Skelly, the seat could be attainable."

Henley garnered 41 percent of the vote to Culberson's 59 percent in 2006, spending $122,000.

The activist said Skelly is prepared to spend "over a million" in his campaign for the seat, which represents an area ranging from the Texas Medical Center through southwest Houston communities into the Memorial area and up into northwest Harris County.

As for Henley, he told the Examiner he will seek an at-large position on the Board of Trustees of the Harris County Department of Education, which is responsible for programs such as Head Start, special education and alternative schools.

Very interesting. I'll have to ask Henley more about this the next time I see him. In the end, I think this was a win-win, as both Skelly for CD07 and Henley for County School Trustee are excellent fits and make the overall ballot stronger. Nice when things work out that way, isn't it?

Posted by Charles Kuffner on January 13, 2008 to Election 2008

I hear that Jim Henley is going against Debbie Kerner in the Dem Primary. Henley is a perfect fit for Harris County Board of Education. He has my vote hands down.

Posted by: Jeff V on January 22, 2008 9:55 PM