February 05, 2008
Endorsement watch: Justice of the Peace

Missed this yesterday...As with the Constables, there's a lot of primary action in the Justice of the Peace races. The Chron gives its endorsements in those races, and as with the Constables they go with incumbents across the board; the one exception is Precinct 8, Place 1, where the incumbent Republican is not running.

The most interesting of these races is the one I'll be voting in, for Precinct 1, Place 1, where Harold Landreneau is challenging his former boss, JP Dale Gorczynski, whom Landreneau says told him he'd be retiring and would support him as his replacement, then changed his mind. Gorczynski disputes this, saying he did not tell Landreneau that he was not going to run again. I'll be publishing a Q&A with Landreneau in a few days, and I hope to get one from Judge Gorczynski soon as well. I haven't made up my mind in this race yet. I'm open to persuasion here if anyone wants to make a case for or against either one of these fellows. Please keep it clean - I won't approve any hit pieces in the comments. Thanks very much.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 05, 2008 to Election 2008

I've heard some somewhat scary stories from JP court 1.1. Evidently Judge Dale gets through his docket VERY quickly. An entire Landlord/tenant docket completed in 20 or less minutes-- 30 cases or so with less than 1 minute for each. And that Judge Dale leans on Harold A LOT for legal advice. In fact, Harold has been asked on more than one occasion by Judge Dale for whom he should rule-- this request being made from the bench in front of all parties. Yikes!!!!

Posted by: SCOTTY on February 6, 2008 9:00 PM