February 13, 2008
Wednesday campaign notes

Just some collected miscellania from my inbox and the blogs...

- The Texas League of Conservation Voters endorsed Brian Thompson in the HD46 primary.

"Brian Thompson is a voice for real change and is committed to making the environment a priority for the voters in District 46. He has pledged to be the kind of environmental leader and champion that the voters in Austin demand and deserve," said TLCV Executive Director, Colin Leyden.

Thompson's opponent, Dawnna Dukes, has failed to make the environment a priority in the Texas House, and her voting record from the 2007 legislative session was particularly troubling. Dukes voted against a proposal to clean up diesel emissions in Texas school buses that children in District 46 breathe everyday they ride the bus to and from school.

"Voters should be dismayed that Dukes voted against funding a program to clean up toxic fumes that our school children breathe every time they ride their school bus," said Leyden.

They kicked in $10,000 to his campaign as well. Not too shabby.

- TJ Baker-Holm, running for the Republican nomination in CD18, had some interesting things to say about immigration at a campaign forum over the weekend.

You could put all the borders you wish, a tall wall or a long gate, if that will make you sleep at night. You can put lots of border police officers if that will make you sleep at night. You could keep discussing this issue as long as you like if that will make you sleep at night....

But immigrants, especially those that risk their lives crossing our borders, is someone's loving husband back in Mexico. I want you to hear me; is someone's loving son back in Mexico. These immigrants, men, just want to work, just like you and I, who are trying to feed their families, they risk their lives, not to steal, not to rape or do any foolhardiness of any sort.

I have talked to these immigrant men and my conclusion, my surprise, is that if they could vote, they would vote Republican, for one of their views is when it comes to economics, it is to be independent as much as possible. They are not trying to get over here to get on welfare.

And it's not just the immigrants' fault, it is also the corporations and the employers who are hiring these immigrants. If we give these big corporations that's hiring these immigrants a citation, we don't have so much of a headache. I have some pity on these immigrants who get paid lower than minimum wages, do not receive any health insurance, who can't receive a 401k plan or raises or sick pay or any work benefits that we gladly enjoy right now in the state of Texas.

I think she's wrong about how they'd vote, but I admire her willingness to deliver such a message to a Republican crowd. Her opponent, not surprisingly, toed the party line on immigration and border security.

- Sandr Rodriguez runs a devastating ad against Craddick D incumbent Kino Flores. BOR has the video.

- David Mincberg is looking for volunteers. Email info@MincbergForCountyJudge.com with your full name, address, and phone number to sign up.

- Paul Burka has been collecting some news and notes from various State Rep primaries. See here and here for some interesting ones.

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