February 14, 2008
Endorsement watch: Tick tock, tick tock...

Here is an incomplete list of primary races in which the Houston Chronicle has not yet offered an endorsement:

1. President. Just a guess here, but I'd peg this one for Sunday. And if it's not Obama and McCain, I may keel over from the shock.

2. US Senate. Maybe Saturday, maybe Monday. Even more obviously than the Presidentials, this one will be Rick Noriega and John Cornyn.

3. CDs 14, 18, and 22 on the GOP side, and CD10 on the Dem side.

4. Railroad Commissioner (Dem) and Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4 (GOP).

5. State Senate, Districts 4 (GOP) and 11 (Dem).

6. State Rep, Districts 140, 145, 146, 147, and 148 (Dem); and Districts 127, 129, 130, 134, and 144 (GOP).

7. First Court of Appeals, Place 3, and 14th Court of Appeals, Place 6 (both GOP).

8. District Judge in the following District Courts: 80, 125, 152, 174, 190, 215, and 351 (Dem); 55, 174, 176, 190, and 312 (GOP).

9. Harris County Sheriff (both parties), Tax Assessor (Dem), District Clerk (GOP), and County School Trustees, Positions 5 and 7 (GOP).

10. County Commissioner, Precinct 3 (Dem).

OK, that's actually a pretty complete list, for Harris County at least. CD14 isn't Harris County, but I think it's worthy of inclusion as it covers parts of Fort Bend, Brazoria, and Galveston Counties, all of which (plus Montgomery, Waller, and others) may have races of interest to the Chron and its readers. Have I mentioned that Early Voting starts in five days? I have no idea what they're waiting for, but they have their work cut out for them. If they need some inspiration, here's the Austin Chronicle's endorsements. If one Chronicle can do it, surely the other can.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 14, 2008 to Election 2008