February 19, 2008
Endorsement watch: Repeating ourselves

Here's what the Chron has to say today at the start of early voting:

The Democratic and Republican parties of Texas will hold their primary elections on Tuesday, March 4. Early voting begins today.

A complete list of Chronicle endorsements will run on election day. To date, the Chronicle has recommended the following candidates:

At which point they repeat their pathetically incomplete list of recommendations so far. Hey, don't wear yourselves out, fellas! In case you haven't noticed, every party official is exhorting people to vote early because of the expected high turnout. How much are some of those endorsements going to be worth when half the voters will have already cast their ballots by the time they read them? Sheesh.

I'm also still a bit cheesed about how skimpy the recommendations were in yesterday's piece. Two sentences for a Senate primary? What's up with that? And frankly, some of the judicial picks were a little weird, and not at all in line with the endorsements that many clubs have been giving. Finally, compare the lazy little blurb they wrote in favor of Republican Court of Criminal Appeals judge Paul Womack to the actually informative endorsements for his opponent, Robert Francis, that the Statesman, Morning News, Star-Telegram, and Express News all wrote. The phrase "mailing it in" comes to mind. Seriously, this is embarrassing.

Finally, the Caller Times waxes nostalgically for Mikal Watts and his money, then sighs and endorses Rick Noriega. At least they got it right in the end.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 19, 2008 to Election 2008