February 22, 2008
Vote early when you vote early

I did my civic duty on my way to work yesterday, getting there right as they opened at 8 AM. There was already a line at the West Gray Multi-Service Center, but it was a short one and I was in and out in a couple of minutes. Given the length of the ballot, I probably spent more time actually voting than I did waiting to vote, which I daresay won't be most people's experience. I saw a lot of DEM stickers on the printouts next to names of people who had voted there before me, which isn't surprising given that Dems have outnumbered Republicans 6-1 at that location so far. One lady in line behind me was asking about attending the caucus afterwards. If you bring your voter reg card with you and get it stamped, that should get you in the door at your precinct polling place. Like her, I expect to attend my first such caucus on the 4th. That should be interesting.

We had a door-knocker for Barack Obama show up Wednesday night. The fellow, out there with his nine-year-old son, saw my Jessica Farrar sign and figured I'd at least be a Democrat. I now have two signs in my yard. Here's a picture:

I don't know how successful he'd been before he got to chez moi. His son sounded very excited to hand out a sign, but I thought it was a "finally! we got one!" kind of excitement. That said, I've seen a few of these signs driving through the neighborhood since yesterday, so someone was giving them out.

Have you voted yet? If so, where were you, and how long did it take? Leave a comment and let me know.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 22, 2008 to Election 2008

I voted at the Kingwood Library on the first day of early voting. I was one of only 3 or 4 voters there when I voted, although numbers there have been brisk as well from what I hear.

I'm surprised to hear you haven't been to a precinct convention before. I hope you'll post about it as I'd like to hear a first-timer's impressions. Oh, and be sure to go to your Senate District Convention as well.

Posted by: Wil Williams on February 22, 2008 7:03 AM

I'm one of those freaks who likes to vote on election day. Somehow it just feels right.

FYI, early voting is also available at Moody Park, 3725 Fulton, across 45 from the Heights. Lines there are probably shorter than at the West Gray Multi-Service Center. I had to vote there while my polling place was being rebuilt, and I never had to wait for a booth.

Posted by: Andrea on February 26, 2008 11:31 AM

My mom voted on Thursday at the multiservices center. She said it took 45 minutes to get through the line. My dad voted at Fiesta on San Jacinto and Richmond on Saturday and said it didn't take much time at all.

I haven't voted yet, I'm waiting for election day since I'm going to my precinct convention anyways. But when I passed the multiservices center at around 3:00 last Saturday, parking looked like it was an issue.

Posted by: 'stina on February 26, 2008 4:10 PM