February 27, 2008
Yard sign primary update: The presidentials

When last I checked, I found a lot of yard signs on my neighbors' lawns, but almost none of them were for Presidential candidates. Two weeks and a crapload of early voting later, that's no longer the casae. I took another spin around the neighborhood over the weekend, and counted 22 signs for Barack Obama, five for Hillary Clinton, and four for Ron Paul. Nobody that I could see was publicly supporting John McCain or Mike Huckabee. I don't find that surprising in the least.

Which is not to say there wasn't any evidence of interest in the Republican primary. It's just that what interest I did see was, Ron Paul aside, all in the local elections. I counted five Kelly Siegler signs, four Jim Leitner signs, and two for Charles Bacarisse. I also saw one for CD18 hopeful John Faulk, but it shared a yard with a Jessica Farrar sign, so like that Bacarisse/Farrar combo I saw before, it's either a sign of confusion or of a mixed marriage. Still, the strangest combination I've seen is a yard that features a Farrar sign, a Dan Patrick sign (!), and an upside-down Bush/Cheney 04 sign. There's a message in there somewhere, but I'll be darned if I can figure out what it is.

Speaking of mixed messages, two of the Hillary signs I saw were accompanied by Obama signs. That too may signify a divided household, or it may be a way of saying "They're both fine by me!" Much as I appreciate that last sentiment, I still find that to be an odd way of expressing it. You can only choose one at the voting booth, after all.

Finally, after a slow start, JP Dale Gorczynski is now fairly well represented in the area. Not quite as well as Harold Landreneau, but Gorczynski's presence is definitely felt.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 27, 2008 to Election 2008

I attended an Oscar party and met a couple from a divided household. One preferred Hillary and the other Obama, so they have both signs in their front yard.

The bickering was cute to watch.

Posted by: 'stina on February 27, 2008 12:44 PM