March 01, 2008
Endorsement watch: Still not quite done

The Chron has another batch of endorsements today, which I almost missed since it wasn't linked on the index page for Opinion - I spotted it in the paper version, and then had to look to find it online. Here we go:

Harris County district clerk, Republican Theresa Chang -- Appointed to serve the unexpired term of Charles Bacarisse, who resigned to run for county judge, Chang is superbly qualified for this job. She holds degrees both in law and engineering and is well-suited for a post that requires swift technological innovation. She promises to assist all 59 district courts and 15 county courts-at-law efficiently.

Harris County tax assessor/collector, Democrat Diane Trautman -- A professor of ethics and education at Stephen F. Austin State University, Trautman touts 30 years of administrative and leadership experience in academic, business and community affairs. She promises to preside over a fair property appraisal system and to use the voter registration system to encourage voter participation.

Harris County commissioner, Precinct 3, Democrat Dexter Handy -- A retired Air Force officer, Handy is opposed by an unqualified perennial candidate. Should Handy prevail in the primary, he will face a formidable opponent in the well-known Republican incumbent, Commissioner Steve Radack.

Judge, 55th Civil District Court, Republican Jeff Shadwick -- The appointed incumbent, Shadwick distinguished himself while serving on the board of the Houston Independent School District. He is an experienced civil lawyer and promises to rule decisively and to be patient and fair to both sides of every case.

Judge, 152nd Civil District Court, Democrat Robert Schaffer -- A graduate of South Texas College of Law, Schaffer is a mediator with experience in settling disputes. He promises to treat everyone in his court with dignity and respect.

Judge, 174th Criminal District Court, Democrat Ruben Guerrero -- An experienced and respected lawyer and judge, Guerrero has tried every type of case. He promises to work long hours in the service of justice. In his previous tenure as a district judge, Guerrero helped other judges appoint grand juries that were reflective of the community.

Judge, 176th Criminal District Court, Republican Brian Raines -- Appointed to this bench in 1988, Raines was an assistant district attorney under Carol Vance. He is a graduate of the University of Houston Law Center. Raines believes prosecutors are not selective enough in seeking the death penalty. He also recommends that possession of small amounts of crack cocaine be reduced to a misdemeanor, so the felony courts can concentrate on more serious cases.

The choice of Rains, who is possibly the least liked judge out there, at least as far as attorneys are concerned, is sure to chap a few hides. Beyond that, nothing surprising. I know of two legislative candidates whose interviews were done this week, one as recently as Wednesday, so I figure we'll see those tomorrow, and a full recap on Tuesday. Here's the current scoreboard of unendorsed races:

1. President. - Done

2. US Senate. - Done

3. CDs 14 and 18 and 22 on the GOP side and CD10 on the Dem side. - Incomplete

4. Railroad Commissioner (Dem) and Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4 (GOP). - Done

5. State Senate, Districts 4 (GOP) and 11 (Dem). - Still not done

6. State Rep, Districts 140, 145, 146, 147, and 148 (Dem); and Districts 127, 129, 130, 134, and 144 (GOP). - Incomplete

7. First Court of Appeals, Place 3, and 14th Court of Appeals, Place 6 (both GOP). - Done

8. District Judge in the following District Courts: 80, 125, 152, 174, 190, 215, and 351 (Dem); 55, 174, 176, 190, and 312 (GOP). - Finally all done

9. Harris County Sheriff (both parties), Tax Assessor (Dem), District Clerk (GOP), County School Trustees, Positions 5 and 7 (GOP). - Incomplete

10. County Commissioner, Precinct 3 (Dem). - Done

Tune in tomorrow for what I assume will be the last round.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on March 01, 2008 to Election 2008

They choose some state reps on Sunday. They stick with ethics challenged John Davis. Not online yet. They stick with Boris Miles despite his "public deportment."

Posted by: Gary Denton on March 1, 2008 7:13 PM