April 10, 2008
Bradford identifies the issues

As we know, GOP DA runoff winner Pat Lykos wants the November campaign to be about "issues". I think we can all get behind that, so here's the issues Democratic candidate C.O. Bradford wants to talk about, according to an email he sent out yesterday morning:

  • Restore ethics and integrity to the District Attorney's Office

  • Prosecute criminals vigorously and fairly

  • Eliminate trials by ambush - no more misuse of power or abuse of discretion

  • Establish a Professional Standards and Human Resources Division

  • Work with the community to prevent and reduce crime

  • Create a Conviction Integrity Unit and a special DWI Prosecution Squad

  • Pursue the creation of Teen Courts in Justice of the Peace precincts

The full document is here (Word doc). Let the issues debate begin!

On a related note, the Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center blog, which was a big supporter of Kelly Siegler's, is looking favorably on Bradford right now. And speaking of Siegler, a few Republican consultants give their view as to why she lost.

"Having to carry the Chuck albatross on you, boy that was tough," former Harris County Republican Party chairman Gary Polland said.

"Part of it also is related to the national campaign," Polland added. "(Siegler) became a victim of (Barack) Obama, (John) McCain and Hillary (Rodham Clinton) -- they are talking about 'we are the candidate of change.' "

Siegler, who had been promoted by Rosenthal to chief of the agency's special crimes bureau, tried to distance herself from her former boss during the campaign, saying she had given him advice that he ignored or rejected.

Republican political consultant Allen Blakemore, who guided Rosenthal's successful campaigns in 2000 (including a GOP runoff against Lykos) and 2004, said the timing of the scandals that led to Rosenthal's resignation interfered with Siegler's attempts to stand independently.

"The unraveling of the Rosenthal administration was still present on people's minds," he said.

No great revelations in there, but it's all collected in one place for easy reference.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 10, 2008 to Election 2008

Well, the fact her husband was sending dirty pictures to her boss probably didn't help. Then there was her testimony that "Canadians" and Lakewood Church members don't make good jurors.

Posted by: texxasredd on April 10, 2008 9:33 PM