May 10, 2008
Another Republican for SD17

We have a second announced candidate for State Sen. Kyle Janek's soon-to-be-open seat.

Houston lawyer Grant Harpold has announced that he will run to replace outgoing State Sen. Kyle Janek.

Harpold, a Republican precinct chairman, said if elected, he will pursue GOP stances on lower taxes, smaller government and immigration.

He has lived in the district since 1992 and never has held public office.

"I feel I can have some new ideas on these issues," he said. "Perhaps, new ideas and new ways."

Houston money manager Austen Furse, a Republican, also has started to campaign for the seat.

Furse seems to have lined up a fair amount of establishment support so far. I don't see Harpold being more likely to win than he is.

State Rep. Charlie Howard, R-Sugar Land, and Gary Polland, former Harris County Republican Party chair, are two others who have expressed interest in the race.

On the Democratic side, State Rep. Scott Hochberg, of Houston, is among possible contenders.

"I would expect one or more will surface by the end of the month," said Gerry Birnberg, chairman of the Harris County Democratic Party. "We will have a viable candidate for that position."

For all the speculation about this race so far, the only Democratic name I've heard has been Hochberg's, and I think it's safe to say he will only run in a non-November election, so he doesn't have to give up his House seat unless he wins. I'm sure there are other people thinking about this, but no chatter about them has reached my ears or Inbox.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 10, 2008 to Election 2008