July 11, 2008
Get to know the HDCC

The following is a guest post from State Rep. Pete Gallego, who is one of the leaders of the House Democratic Caucus.

On March 4, 2008, over 2.8 million Texans voted in the Democratic primary. As one of the 2.8 million, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride knowing that I was able to play a part in making history. Together, we showed the nation that Texas Democrats are energized and ready for change.

It is hard to believe that we have less than four months remaining until the general election. Our nominees have been selected, we have a united Democratic Party, and we are poised to make history yet again on November 4th. Never in my lifetime have Democrats been so motivated and energized. Much of the momentum we enjoy today is a direct result of the Netroots activism that has helped fuel the progressive movement. That is certainly evident right here in Texas.

A few weeks ago, the Republican presidential nominee admitted to not knowing how to use a computer, let alone the Internet. One of his advisors tried to justify his apparent Internet ignorance by suggesting that he doesn't need to know how to use a computer because he has people who do that for him. Reading this, I was completely awestruck. In this day and age, the Internet is neither a passing fad nor a toy to be ignored and dismissed. The Internet is arguably the most important resource voters and elected officials have to stay informed and connected with the world they live in and the people they serve.

In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have been so surprised. The fact is many politicians on the far right have simply lost touch with voters and hard-working Texas families. Just look at the wayward legislative priorities the far right has pursued since taking over the Texas House six years ago.

In 2003, the Republican controlled Texas Legislature took away health care from hundreds of thousands of children by slashing the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). They passed a disastrous "tuition deregulation" bill which has caused college costs to skyrocket, making a higher education degree too expensive for thousands of Texas kids. The far right continues their assault on our public education system by trying to force a risky private voucher scheme into our public schools. As Texans are getting squeezed by soaring energy bills and $4 a gallon gas, the far right ignores these pocketbook issues that affect the daily lives of Texans choosing instead to prioritize and pursue the politically-motivated and partisan agenda of non-existent voter fraud. The legislative priorities of the far right are no longer consistent with mainstream Texas values, which is one of the reasons Republicans are so nervous about November.

Since 2003, Democrats have regained nine seats in the Texas House of Representatives, and today we are only 5 seats away from taking back the majority. This dramatic swing of the pendulum is the result of countless hours of dedication, education, and hard work by both Netroots activists and organizations like the Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee (HDCC).

The HDCC is organized and lead by Democratic leaders in the Texas House. The HDCC is the only organization in the state dedicated solely to electing a Democratic majority in the Texas House. The HDCC raises money, trains staff and works hand-in-hand with House candidates from across the State to ensure they have every advantage possible during the general election season. Best of all, these services do not cost House Democratic candidates a penny. While the HDCC has been very successful in working toward our goal of taking back the House, we cannot elect a Democratic majority without your help. Click here to invest in the HDCC today.

Texans need Democratic leaders who will take on real issues and develop real solutions for Texas families. United, Democrats will take back the Texas House in November, and return real democracy and leadership to our state.

State Representative Pete Gallego (D-Alpine)

Co-Chair, Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee

The leaders of the HDCC have all written guest posts for various Texas Progressive Alliance blogs this week to introduce themselves and their mission. You can read State Rep. Jim Dunnam's article at BOR, and State Rep. Garnet Coleman's piece at Texas Kaos. My thanks to all three gentlemen for their efforts.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on July 11, 2008 to Election 2008
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