August 08, 2008
Will there be a conservative backlash for seeking the HGLBTPC endorsement?

So with the recent effort by a couple of Republican judicial candidates to garner the endorsement of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, some folks like me had speculated about the possibility of a backlash by Republican conservatives against them for their heresy.

Conservative commentator and publisher Terry Lowry said [civil court Judges Sharolyn] Wood and [Mark] Davidson probably will lose conservatives' votes.

"The agenda of the gay caucus runs contrary to the pro-family, pro-life agenda," Lowry said. "I will find it difficult to endorse any candidate who seeks the gay caucus endorsement."

University of Houston political scientist Richard Murray said the GOP judges indeed may lose votes, but for more than a single reason.

"For the 25,000 voters who get the (caucus) slate card, they are not going to be on it," Murray said. "And there will probably be some conservative slate cards that will leave them off,"

The judges, however, said they expect no conservative backlash for showing they respond to any community group that wants to hear their views. Wood said her Republican credentials are beyond question because she ran as a Republican when it would have been easier to seek the judgeship as a Democrat.

Well, it'll be an easy enough matter after the votes have been counted to see if Judges Wood and Davidson underperformed their colleagues. It won't be conclusive, since there always is some natural variation among judicial vote totals, but it will be suggestive. My guess is that unless the likes of Lowry push this idea of retribution between now and November, most folks won't even be aware of this story, let alone act on it. But hey, we'll know after we see the results.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on August 08, 2008 to Election 2008
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