September 03, 2008
House news

The Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee (HDCC) has a nifty new website with news, information about candidates, and a couple of ads that make the case for a Democratic majority in the State House. It still boggles my mind that going into 2006, Dems were staring at an 87-63 deficit, and yet here we are today needing only five seats to win back the House (in districts drawn by Republicans to elect Repubolicans, remember), with a realistic shot at doing just that. Phillip Martin notes that the HDCC is responsible for much of that:

The story about the money contributed and spent by the HDCC is the same story told by winning Democrats across Texas: raise money early, invest in an infrastructure early, use that infrastructure to build support and prove how effective you can be, and use that infrastructure to raise money to donate to campaigns and pay for GOTV efforts of all shapes and sizes.

The HDCC infrastructure worked like a "campaign Google" for Texas House candidates. HDCC staffers spent countless hours each and every day on the phones with every candidate and campaign that would take their calls (or that called them).

The HDCC really was a valuable resource in 2006, and it has been equially valuable so far in 2008. Check them out and give them a hand if you can.

Meanwhile, State Sen. Kirk Watson is doing what he can to help House candidates by urging people to adopt them. He's putting his money where his mouth is by matching contributions made to these candidates through that site. I might quibble with a few of his choices, but I love the idea, and I totally salute him for taking direct action like this. We could use a lot more of that from other incumbents in safe seats with large campaign war chests.

And last but certainly not least, Annie's List has added TexBlog PAC-endorsed Sherrie Matula to their list as well. From their email:

With 30 years experience under her belt as a public education advocate (former Clear Creek ISD school board member and teacher, now a statewide education consultant), Matula has successfully highlighted Davis' abysmal education record and forced this solid Republican district to re-evaluate their incumbent state representative, Rep. John Davis (R), on a variety of issues including his questionable ethics. And research shows they don't like what they see and are ready for a change.


As evidence of our commitment to helping Sherrie Matula win on November 4th, we are going to match every dollar she raises - up to $10,000 - in the next 10 days. And EVERY SINGLE dollar we raise will be used directly for a strategic communications plan to highlight John Davis' abysmal record of failed leadership compared to Sherrie's three decade track record of putting what is best for her community first.

Annie's List has done the same thing this cycle for fellow Harris County candidates Kristi Thibaut and Diane Trautman. It's really great to have all that support in the county.

Matula has released a letter thanking the TexBlog PAC for its early support of her candidacy, which helped her earn the Annie's List endorsement she now has. Click on to read it, and click over to help Annie's List help her.

Dear TexBlog PAC board:

I want to thank you all for your early belief in my campaign to take back House District 129 from John Davis, an entrenched Republican. Your endorsement earlier this summer, along with a generous $5000 check, kicked off a remarkable period of fundraising and support for my campaign.

As you know, at the June 30th reporting deadline, I was one of only two Democratic challengers that had more cash on hand than the Republican incumbent. Thanks for being a part of that achievement.

We knocked on over 7000 doors this summer, hearing from voters that they are tired of the skyrocketing costs of electricity, homeowners insurance and college tuition. They are tired of the lack of representation. They are tired of being embarrassed by Davis' ethics problems - and thanks to the Netroots for bringing attention to those over the past two years. Clearly, this District deserves better.

Today, I received the endorsement of Annie's List - confirmation that your early endorsement and support was well founded.

I look forward to working with you to close this race out in November with a Democratic pickup in the Texas House.

With much gratitude,

Sherrie Matula

Candidate for House District 129

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