October 07, 2008
The Big Dog for Bell


Former President Clinton will help raise campaign money in Houston next week for state Senate candidate Chris Bell, seven months after Bell campaigned across Texas for Hillary Rodham Clinton for president.

Bell is among two Democrats and four Republicans in a special election for the state Senate District 17 seat from which Republican Kyle Janek resigned. The district includes southwest Houston and the upper southeast Texas coast.

Bill Clinton, who has been busy helping Barack Obama's presidential campaign and raising money along with President George H.W. Bush for victims of Hurricane Ike, rarely gets involved in state legislative races. His staff was not immediately available for comment today.

Clinton will attend a reception for the Bell campaign Monday at the home of lawyer Arthur Schechter, who was a prominent donor to both Clintons' campaigns and served under the Clinton White House as ambassador to the Bahamas.

"It's unusual to have a former president of the United States help raise money for a state legislative race," Bell said, "but he knows that this is an incredible opportunity for real progress for the people of Texas."

Very cool, and also very nice to get national figures here to raise money that will stay here. Bell has done well on that front - over $650K raised, with over $450K on hand at the 30-days-out mark. That more than settles any concerns I had previously expressed about him getting the support he deserved. Well done.

Bell's not the only Democrat to file an impressive finance report. I haven't yet done an exhaustive search, but I can cite a few - Sherrie Matula, Dan Barrett, Diana Maldonado, Wendy Davis (over $1 million raised, according to a press release). You want to know which way the wind is blowing, follow the finances.

One more of interest, since I've beaten this horse before:

State Rep. Ellen Cohen - $ 216,669.76 cash on hand.

Joe Agris - $ 462.74 cash on hand.

To think, I can remember when this was supposed to be a race to watch. Those were the days.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on October 07, 2008 to Election 2008

Smart Republicans are distancing themselves from the Bushes. Smart Democrats are distancing themselves from the Clintons.

Bill Clinton will probably add a significant amount to Chris Bell's campaign war chest but it will cost him votes. Which he needs more than the money. He definitely lost my vote. I lost all respect for the Clintons after they chose to run a campaign that was racist and xenophobic and that is why she is not the presidential candidate. And why she never will be.

That aside, as Hillary herself found out, Bill Clinton is the kiss of death. Chris Bell has basically ensured a Republican will win the seat.

Posted by: Baby Snooks on October 7, 2008 6:20 PM

What color is the big dog?

What does he say about providing cover for or finally exposing the true story of the following:


The Spoonamore Revelations: The Rig is In to Steal 2008

Credits: Introduction below from Mark Crispin Miller's blog, News from Underground. Investigation and videos by Velvet Revolution.

Here, in this shattering new interview, Stephen Spoonamore goes into harrowing detail about the Bush regime's election fraud, past, present and--if we don't spread the word right now--to come. Since he's the only whistle-blower out there who knows the perps themselves, and how they operate, we have to send this new piece far and wide.

Here Spoon tells us that McBush's team--i.e., Karl Rove and his henchpersons--have their plan in place to steal this next election: by 51.2% of the popular vote, and three electoral votes.

He also talks about the major role played by the Christianist far right in the electronic rigging of the vote.

And he defines our electronic voting system as a major threat to US national security, calling for it to be junked ASAP, in favor of hand-counted paper ballots.

Since Spoon is a Republican and erstwhile McCain supporter, as well as a noted specialist in nosing out computer fraud, his testimony is essential--not only for its expertise, but, no less, for the impact that his views will surely have on those Republicans who have been loath to see what Bush Co. has done to our election system.


If Obama and Clinton and others are going to "pretend" that we don't need to hand count paper ballots to save our Democracy in the face of witness testimony on their urgent need...then

Kucinich Impeachment

Bush Step Down

Al Gore and John Kerry Step Up

And, please back your true wins as soon as possible before everything is ruined by these republicans (though not the brave Republicans who are testifying to save our Democracy)....

And, we will have to back you too, at last, at long last.


And, the Houston Chronicle could help in this matter also.

And, why are we waiting even a minute more in the face of so many Republican witnesses and their testimony...while the markets, democracy, climate and so much crumbles:


Blogged by Brad Friedman on 10/6/2008 8:30AM


'Murder, Spies & Voting Lies' is 'Most Explosive Documentary Produced in Recent Memory'

Rady Ananda at OpEdNews opens her review of Murder, Spies & Voting Lies: The Clint Curtis Story by declaring it "the most explosive documentary produced in recent memory, involving murder, espionage, cover-up, electoral cyber fraud and a United States Member of Congress with ties to the Bush Administration."


Impeach Bush

Bush Step Down

Al Gore and John Kerry Step Up

Posted by: Prove Our Democracy withe Paper Ballots on October 7, 2008 8:46 PM

I doubt Clinton cares about voter fraud at this point since he's not running and Hillary's not running. He actually didn't care about it in 2000 or 2004. And won't care about it in 2008. Bill and Hillary only care about Bill and Hillary.

As for Chris Bell much of the money came from the Texans for Insurance Reform PAC. One of the two contributions is for $200,000.

Are they contributing to a candidate or hiring a lobbyist? Chris Bell, in case people forget, is a registered lobbyist.

And what is Texans for Insurance Reform? These groups tend to scare people. Because the reforms tend not to benefit the public interest.

Then there is the $25,000 from SEIU. Again, are they contributing to a candidate or hiring a lobbyist?

Follow the money trail...

Posted by: Baby Snooks on October 8, 2008 8:14 AM

Having Bill Clinton raise money for a candidate in that senate district is too big a negative to make it worthwhile. Can someone please suggest to the Obama-Biden people and see if there is some way Obama or Biden can come down to Texas for at least one or two campaign stops. Around the first days of early voting would be great.

Posted by: cb on October 8, 2008 11:54 AM
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