October 31, 2008
A cornucopia of late night electoral tidbits

Just some bits and pieces for your late Halloween/early Dia de los Muertos perusal...

KHOU shines a spotlight on Sherrie Matula and her two opponents in HD129.

Former Clear Creek schoolteacher Sherrie Matula is running for the Texas House. She said her team has knocked on over 20,000 doors during the campaign.

But just this month, her opponent overtook her in fundraising. This is because Houston homebuilder Bob Perry decided to pump big bucks into the campaign of the incumbent Republican John Davis.

Davis is one of several Republican legislators the lobby is worried about. There's a reason so much late money came pouring in to save some folks' butts.

KHOU also had a nice feature on SD11 and the effects of Hurricane Ike there.

But while many residents in Seabrook are still rebuilding their lives, the candidates running for State Senate in the upcoming election promise the next storm will be different.

Democrat Joe Jaworski wants insurance forms to clearly state what is and what is not covered. This way people can choose policies, knowing what will happen if a storm takes their home.

"I also want to put in some laws that make the claims process easier. Right now, we're waiting for checks, and waiting for adjustments. And sometimes, when the electricity is off and you're spending the money in your savings account, you can't wait," said Jaworski.

Jaworski is also on the air as he pushes to get the vote out in his district.

Also on the air: this sharp spot by the TDP to advocate for the Democratic slate of Supreme Court candidates.

Allow me to quote Paul Burka here:

The all-Republican Texas Supreme Court is an intellectually corrupt court. By this I mean that it is infused with the appearance of impropriety and inequity. Who you are matters more than the law and the facts. It has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Texans for Lawsuit Reform. It is also rife with judges who have committed ethical lapses, albeit mostly technical violations of campaign finance and reporting laws. The default choice for the average Court race ought to be the Democrat opposing the Republican, just to bring some balance and fairness back to the Court.

He goes on to violate that rule a couple of times, but the point still stands. I hope the electorate sees it that way.

The HCDP is also on the offensive in the closing days, going after Paul Bettencourt and Ed Emmett. It sure is nice to have a county party with resources and a strategy, isn't it?

Up in HD126, the Republican constable, who also happens to be the campaign treasurer for Rep. Patricia Harless, broke up a campaign event at an area park held by Democrat Chad Khan. Stace has the details.

Finally, the soap opera that is SD17 takes an even more delicious turn as it devolves into cybersquatting lawsuits and Hotze on Hotze violence. There just isn't enough popcorn in the world for this one.

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