November 02, 2008
Weekend link dump for November 2

Hope you're enjoying your Halloween weekend. Here are some hopefully not-too-scary links to get you through the rest of it.

"I mean, when you see 700 shambling dead zombies walking toward the Civic Center up the bridge, it would probably get the Secret Service's attention." It would certainly get mine.

This time of year, I get a lot of referrals from search engines looking for Ronald Clark O'Bryan. This is why. Be sure to read the comments as well.

Purple tomatoes, anyone?

Bowtie versus moustache.

What's really wrong with the Post Office? Not much, when you think about it.

I can't possibly say which challenger in Texas I'd most like to see win, or which incumbent I'd most like to see get beaten. There are just too many good possibilities to name. I couldn't pick just one outside of Texas either, but I do have a short list, and the execrable Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss is most definitely on it.

Pick a narrative and stick with it.

"Be afraid! Gay, Mexican abortion doctors are coming! Run for your lives!"

The movie critic's guide to life.

Like so many other ordinary, everyday, average Americans, Joe The Plumber has a public relations firm. Well, don't you?

Daughter of slave votes for Obama (via).

The "Whassup?" guys are voting for Obama, too.

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