December 01, 2008
Be careful what you're thankful for

Lisa Falkenberg has a mostly humorous column about what local Republicans are thankful for these days. One bit just stands out like a sore thumb:

Nearly everybody said they were thankful for 2010. And 2012. And any election year that could lead to redemption for Republicans.

If Democrats couldn't sweep in the midst of Obamarama, how are they going to do it in 2010, asked Clint Moore, a Republican precinct chair for 20 years.

"I guarantee you in 2012, the bloom is going to be off Obama's rose and he's not going to be the Messiah that a lot of them consider him to be," said Moore, a 52-year-old geologist.

If you really think that 2008 was an Obama-assisted fluke, then I doubt there's any amount of precinct data and comparisons to 2004 that can change your mind. So let me just say that I'm thankful for Republican precinct chairs who think like Clint Moore. If that's the prevailing mindset on their side of the aisle, I feel good already about what 2010 will be like.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 01, 2008 to Election 2008
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