June 18, 2007
Ed versus Charles

I'm kind of looking forward to seeing a GOP primary battle for County Judge next year, especially if it's going to take the tone that's evident in Kristin Mack's column from Friday. That would make it about the exact opposite of what I'm hoping for on the Democratic side for Senate. (Not that I expect to get exactly what I'm hoping for, politics being what it is and all that , but hey, a boy can hope.) And I will say that if Ed Emmett keeps coming forth with stuff like this, the entertainment factor will be reasonably high:

Emmett said he doesn't understand why "Republican activists" would want a spirited primary when there is going to be a tough general election next year.

The only reason to throw out an incumbent is if you want to do something different or better, Emmett said.

You do know that "Republican activists" wanted to select somebody else for the County Judge seat, right? And that some of them wanted a "spirited primary" so that they could have an actual voice in the selection process, right? You'd think a guy who got his job through a backroom deal would be a bit more sensitive to those concerns, if for no better reason than they lead to an obvious riposte:

It's a stretch to call Emmett an incumbent said Jim McGrath, a spokesman for Friends of Charles Bacarisse.

"He is the sitting judge. I accord him the respect the office is entitled to. But no one deserves a coronation. There should be a contest of ideas. He needs to be tested in a primary," McGrath said.

"Voters get to decide who has the right experience for the job. No one should be arrogant enough to substitute their own personal will against that of the majority."

If this is the tack Ed Emmett plans to take, I'm thinking the campaign ads against him - in both the primary and in the general election, if he makes it that far - will write themselves.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on June 18, 2007 to Election 2008

For an unelected official to bad rap a guy like Charles Bacarisse in a forum such as the chronicle is shameful to say the least. Howabout the question "what would he do if he were not in politics?"..let's see, maybe make hundreds of thousands of dollars for a number of top-tier companies? Anyone who has met Charles for more than 5 minutes knows he is one of the rare "Good Guys" in politics - regardless of party affiliation. He is a class guy who has patiently waited his turn and to be disrepected like this is low rent to say the least. Charles worked in the Reagan White House, and has carried the GOP flag for a number of years, and now he gets marginalized by someone whom the public hasn't even voted for? Nice Humphrey Bogart routine Sir, but I have a feeling the tough fight is on it's way for you. Give 'em Hell Charles.

Posted by: Neill on June 18, 2007 9:36 AM

Jim McGrath should be proud to know that Charles Kuffner supports his position.

Posted by: RD on June 29, 2007 4:04 PM