September 08, 2007
A challenger for Vo - anybody else?

Like The Professors, I had heard about HISD Trustee Greg Meyers' plans to run against State Rep. Hubert Vo in HD149, which he has now made official, some time ago. And like the Professors, I think Meyers will present a greater challenge to Vo than Talmadge Heflin did, though that's hardly saying much. I believe Vo will prevail, as he's a really good fit for his district, but he'll have to work for it. Which I expect he will.

Now here's a question for you: Is there a Republican out there who's contemplating a challenge to State Rep. Ellen Cohen in HD134? If there are any, then they're doing a better job of disguising their intentions than Meyers did, because I've not heard a thing. This was a hugely expensive seat to win in 2006 (in part because of Martha Wong's $200K+ of leftover campaign cash from 2004), and while Cohen doesn't have nearly that much on hand right now, she'll have no trouble raising what she needs. Given that Cohen was a reported candidate as of June of 2005, I have to wonder when - or even if - the Republicans are going to find someone to go after her. Anybody out there hearing anything?

Posted by Charles Kuffner on September 08, 2007 to Election 2008

The more serious the challenge for Vo, the more national money he can raise. Now where's my credit card?

Posted by: Justin on September 8, 2007 11:47 AM