November 08, 2007
DFA officially endorses Noriega

Excellent news. Here's the press release:

Democracy for America, a coalition of activists committed to promoting fiscally responsible, socially progressive candidates and values, today announced its endorsement of State Representative Rick Noriega for United States Senate. DFA's first endorsement of a senatorial candidate in the 2008 election cycle results from a surging grassroots movement supporting Noriega's candidacy.

"We heard from thousands of DFA activists over the past few weeks, telling us about the work they were doing for Noriega's campaign. Noriega has real boots-on-the-ground support," said Democracy for America Chair Jim Dean.

"From the beginning, this campaign has been about bringing together ordinary people who share a common goal of providing new leadership for Texas," commented Representative Noriega. "DFA has a proven record of working from the grassroots to bring real change. I am extremely grateful for its endorsement and for the countless support that DFA activists have provided my campaign."

DFA's endorsement falls during the same week as President Bush's planned visit to Texas, where he will hold several high-dollar, closed-door fundraisers for Texas's Junior Senator. Whether failing to care for veterans or refusing health care to needy children, John Cornyn has spent his five years in Washington blindly rubber-stamping George Bush's policies. Tomorrow, he will cash in on that support for the President's failed agenda.

Democracy for America, in conjunction with its endorsement, is joining with other grassroots activists in the Stamp Out Bush's Rubber Stamp campaign, a weeklong, online fundraising effort aimed at demonstrating the ability of ordinary people to counter Bush's support for his unfailing ally.

Outstanding. And if you want to help with that weeklong fundraising effort, you know what to do.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on November 08, 2007 to Election 2008