April 07, 2008
Blockwalking With Richard Morrison

I had terrific experience on Saturday, block walking with Richard Morrison who is in a runoff for Fort Bend County Commissioner, Precinct 1 (see map here of Precinct 1). Election Day is tomorrow, Tuesday, April 8th. We walked in Greatwood, which, who knew, turns out to have a zillion Democrats. We know that because they turned out en masse for the March 4th Democratic Primary.

Richard got a great response, and why not. He ran against Tom DeLay in 2004, the first person to run a credible campaign against him. Richard dug the grave for DeLay and Nick Lampson kicked him in and buried him in 2006. Lots of us in TX-22 have not forgotten that. I was proud to hit the streets for Richard for this runoff! He's one of those candidates that is very real at the door, and has personally visited with many voters.

Richard is far and away the better candidate in the runoff and was the top vote getter on March 4th.

Richard is an attorney, practicing in Greatwood. He's representing the folks fighting the giant garbage dump in the eastern end of Precinct 1. He's going to be a fighter against the Trans Texas Corridor and the Grand Parkway Tollroad. Want honest government? Richard Morrison is your guy.

He's been endorsed by two of his opponents in the March 4th primary, as well as State Representative Dora Olivo and others.

We have slim pickings in Fort Bend County in terms of Democratic elected officials, and Richard Morrison will make a welcome addition to that team. Plus, he is the person that can beat Stavinoha, the Republican who holds the Precinct 1 Commissioner seat. Stavinoha needs to go in a big way.

If you live in Precinct 1 (map reminder here), please vote for Richard tomorrow 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Fort Bend County voting locations here.

This is a race to watch tomorrow night when the election returns come in!
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