September 18, 2008
Candidate Q&A: Randy Roll

Note: This entry is part of a series of written Q&As with judicial candidates who will be on the ballot in Harris County. I am also doing recorded interviews with non-judicial candidates.

1. Who are you, and what are you running for?

Randy Roll, Democratic candidate for Judge of the 179th Criminal District Court.

2. What kind of cases does this court hear?

1st degree felonies, such as murder, aggravated (means with a weapon) robbery, large drug cases, burglary of a habitation.
2nd degree felonies, such as aggravated assault, sexual assault, arson.
3rd degree felonies, such as tampering with evidence, possession of a firearm by a felon, injury to a child.
4th degree felonies, less 1 gram drug cases, burglary of a building, credit card abuse.

3. Why are you running for this particular bench?

The judge of this court needs to work full time. Presently he arrives at 11:00 to 12:00 in the morning. All the other judges get there at 8:30. He is a good man but has been there for 20 years. He is tired. Tired of being on Wayne Dolcefino's broadcast working on his farm feeding his cows while he should be sitting the bench hearing cases. I can do the job better.

4. What are your qualifications for this job?

I am from Port Arthur and lived in Houston more than 35 years. I went to South Texas College of Law.

I have 20 years experience in criminal law handling more than 7000 criminal cases. I have extensive trial experience, am fluent in Spanish, Russian, German and French. I am the only attorney in Harris County to be called by the judges to represent people in all 5 languages.

5. Why is this race important?

The Republicans control every judgeship in the county above the level of Justice of the Peace. Their complete power has made them cynical and arrogant and unresponsive to the populace that put them in office. Look at the scandals involving them.

6. Why should people vote for you in November?

Give us Democrats the chance to show we can be responsive and fair and allow us to bring fairness and balance back to the courthouse.


Dion Ramos, 55th Civil Judicial District Court.
Shawna Reagin, 176th District Criminal Court.
Al Bennett, 61st Civil Judicial District Court.
Judge Jim Jordan, Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court.
Mike Miller, 11th Civil Judicial District Court.
Andres Pereira, 190th Civil Judicial District Court.
Steven Kirkland, 215th Civil Judicial District Court.
Martin Siegel, Court of Appeals, 14th District, Place 7.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on September 18, 2008 to Election 2008

I think that they should not be able to let you vote straight democratic, or straight republican. I think if you don't know who your voting for when it comes to Judges, you shouldn't vote. Even if the Judge is whatever party your voting for, you still shouldn't just assume they are going to be good. I think that votes should be individual. If you don't know who they are you should NOT be voting for them.

Posted by: Anonymous on November 5, 2008 10:44 AM
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