October 10, 2008
Interview with Jim Henley

I was very pleased to see that Jim Henley got into the race for Harris County Department of Education Trustee this year. I thought he ran a fine campaign for Congress against John Culberson in 2006, with his better-than-expected showing helping to pave the way for Michael Skelly. I knew this was going to be a good year to run in Harris County as a Democrat, so I thought this race afforded him a good chance to get that opportunity to serve. And when the two long-term and generally well-respected incumbent trustees were knocked off in the GOP primary by a couple of right-wing ideologues, well, I was really glad that the Democrats had a couple of solid progressive professional educators in Henley and Debra Kerner there to challenge them. I had a lively chat with Henley, and I hope you'll enjoy it.


Vince Ryan, Harris County Attorney
Chris Bell, SD17
Loren Jackson, Harris County District Clerk
Brad Bradford, Harris County District Attorney
Diane Trautman, Harris County Tax Assessor
Michael Skelly, CD07
David Mincberg, Harris County Judge
Debra Kerner, HCDE Trustee
Joel Redmond, HD144
Laura Ewing, SBOE district 7
Virginia McDavid, HD138
State Rep. Ellen Cohen, HD134
Adrian Garcia, Sheriff
Trey Fleming, HD135
Dexter Handy, County Commissioner, Precinct 3
Sherrie Matula, HD129
Joe Jaworski, SD11
Diana Maldonado, HD52
Eric Roberson, CD32
State Rep. Juan Garcia, HD32
Ernie Casbeer, HD59
Joe Moody, HD78
Chris Turner, HD96
Robert Miklos, HD101
State Rep. Dan Barrett, HD97
Wendy Davis, SD10

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