January 23, 2008
Candidate interview: Ron Reynolds

Note: This entry is part of a series of recorded interviews with non-judicial candidates in contested Democratic primaries. I am also doing written Q&As with judicial candidates.

Today's interviewee is Ron Reynolds, who is running for State Representative in House District 27, against incumbent Democrat Rep. Dora Olivo. This race is not like the others I've covered so far, in that support for Speaker Tom Craddick is not an issue (I did ask, of course), and I feel like I don't know enough about either of the two contenders at this point to make a call about whom I prefer. I hope to do an interview with Rep. Olivo as well later. For now I can say that Reynolds has a pretty impressive resume, a lot of institutional support, and has been making a case for himself for some time now. I came away with a good impression of him, and I think he'd do a fine job if elected. Hal did a series of posts with video embeds that show Reynolds speaking to Democrats in Fort Bend, where HD27 is:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

I should also note that Vince raised a question about Reynolds concerning some disciplinary action taken against him by the Bar Association; I asked him about that in our conversation.

My interview with Ron Reynolds is here. As I said, I hope to interview Rep. Olivo as well.


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