August 11, 2007

This is almost too funny.

Protesters hired by an unknown party attempted [Thursday night] to disrupt a Galveston fund-raiser for State District Judge Susan Criss, who is running for Texas Supreme Court.

Criss [was] holding a campaign kickoff event at Bob Smith's Boat Club in Galveston, which [was] packed with more than 300 supporters.

Outside, ten protesters with nearly-identical hand-lettered signs reading, "Susan Criss is Bad For Justice!" and "Susan Criss for Supreme Court? No Way" were found outside the entrance.

An event attendee approached the protesters to ask who they were, when they admitted they were hired by a temporary agency to stand there and, in fact, had no idea who Judge Criss is.

You can see pictures of the Acme Rent-A-Crowd (tm) here; JohnCoby has a slight edit to one of those pix here. Let's put aside the ludicrousness of hiring protesters to wave signs outside a fundraiser that's being held more than a year in advance of the election and think for a minute about the tactic of such a thing. I associate this kind of strategem with underdog candidacies, because if the protest is successful, it will draw attention to those involved. It's kind of hard to imagine a good reason why an incumbent Republican judge, who'd clearly be a favorite to win, would think this was smart. Maybe this was the brainchild of the Galveston GOP, having been fired up by Greg Abbott earlier in the day. Maybe it was Criss' rumored Democratic primary opponent - at least there we have someone who'd genuinely need a publicity boost. Too bad the protesters themselves had no idea who'd hired them - it'd be really nice to know.

One other point to make is that this sort of action is generally more successful when the target can be described in any media coverage as "embattled" or "controversial" in some way. Unlike some other judges I could name, that description simply doesn't fit Susan Criss. They may as well have written her name in pencil on those signs, because they're generic enough that they can be recycled for almost anyone else running for office.

But hey, I'm glad to hear that someone out there is scared of Susan Criss. She's a fine judge, and will make an excellent addition to the State Supreme Court. I say to whoever was responsible for this amusing little sideshow: Keep it up. The more said about Susan Criss, the better.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on August 11, 2007 to Election 2008

They do that here, too. Counter protest.
They'll NEVER get it right, though.
It's like when aliens try to imitate humans.
The matching signs thing: dead giveaway !

Posted by: voxy on August 11, 2007 2:44 PM

Because I do not wish to type it again, here is the comment I posted at

Simply put Mr. Leibowitz, THESE PEOPLE WERE NOT HIRED PROTESTERS AND HAD VERY GOOD CAUSE TO BE PROTESTING SUSAN CRISS� ELECTION KICKOFF; and any statement made otherwise simply is not true.
SO, let me address the issues� for those who care to read more than one warped side of the story.
1. I was picketing. I was not hired by a temporary agency. I was not paid. In fact, no one that was there was hired by a temporary agency. Please produce the persons name that made this statement. And if you can�t or won�t than don�t dare make statements to the effect that we are hiding our faces if you produce false information to a newspaper reporter.
2. Perhaps we do look like �ROAD RULES REJECTS� and I guess the comment could have been worse. But more importantly, why make the comment at all? Consider this: 5 of the people are Democrats, 3 are Republican and 2 are Liberals.
1. Susan Criss� campaign consultant from Boston assaulted one of the protesters. The rental car agency gave us all of his information including where he lives in EAST BOSTON and his phone number. We also have not only 11 witnesses, but 1 who works for the city and informed Susan Criss and Kurt Sistruck, while pointing the man out to both of them, that he assaulted one of the protesters without provocation or retaliation. During the assault, the man made the following statement: �You do not know who I am and what I am capable of doing to you.� Well, in fact, we were quite impressed by this man�s resume online and we take notice of who you are. But what I can�t possibly understand is why you would harm a person exercising their right to free speech?!?! (BTW� your car was due back to Hertz at 11 am yesterday morning and they would like for you to call and extend your contract if you are going to keep it a bit longer).
2. None of us accused the D.A.�s office of perjury. NOW, IT IS CLEAR THAT MR. WILLIAMS DOES NOT TAKE CLEAR NOTES SO HOPEFULLY THIS WILL HELP. We stated that 3 Judges, including Susan Criss, and Mr. Sistrunk were given notice that material perjury was committed by a witness that was used to convict a man. To date, no one has taken action which makes them guilty of MISPRISION OF A FELONY.
3. It is a FACT that Susan Criss� courtroom behavior leaves much to be desired; with her rolling her eyes and swirling in her chair. Her downright rude behavior leaves most people dry and it is beyond unproffesional (and unethical) when her huffing and puffing during a trial is overheard by not only members of the gallery but by the jury as well. And if her actions over the last 9 years are any indication of how she will treat all of Texas, be afraid� really afraid.
I invite people to visit her courtroom. It might make her act in a decent manner. If not, you will be subjected to what the attorney�s that practice in front of her have to deal with on a daily basis.
A comment was made that we are starting early because we are running scared. We started early because Susan Criss started early. We will continue to protest her running for Position 8 and we will not be deterred, no matter who else threatens us. There is no way I will entrust Susan Criss, with her �egregious method of creative justice� (again for the benefit of Mr. Williams) to such a powerful position.

Posted by: Lisa Turner on August 11, 2007 7:18 PM