January 30, 2008
Candidate interview: Adrian Garcia

Note: This entry is part of a series of recorded interviews with non-judicial candidates in contested Democratic primaries. I am also doing written Q&As with judicial candidates.

I've been proud to be a constituent of Adrian Garcia since he was first elected to City Council in District H back in 2003. He's been a dedicated and conscientious Council member, who has done a lot for the district, and it's always been clear he has a bright future. I'm excited about his decision to run for Harris County Sheriff, not just because it's so obvious that we need a change of direction in that office, but also because he's just as obviously the right person to implement those changes. He has my support in the primary and beyond, and I hope he'll have yours as well.

The interview is here, as always in MP3 format. I'm starting to get close to the end of this series, which I hope has been useful to you, though I've still got a few more interviews and Q&As lined up. I should have most of it done by the start of early voting on February 19.


Jim Wrotenbery, candidate for 125th District Court (Civil).

Diane Trautman, candidate for Harris County Tax Assessor.

Judge Susan Criss, candidate for the Texas Supreme Court, Position 8.

Joe Jaworski, candidate for State Senate, District 11.

Baltasar D. Cruz, candidate for Texas Supreme Court, Position 7.

State Rep. Garnet Coleman, District 147.

Armando Walle, candidate for State Representative, District 140.

Carol Alvarado, candidate for State Representative, District 145.

Andres Pereira, candidate for 190th District Court (Civil).

Ron Reynolds, candidate for State Representative, District 27.

Sam Houston, candidate for the Texas Supreme Court, Position 7.

State Rep. Jessica Farrar, District 148.

Fred Cook, candidate for 215th District Court (Civil).

Posted by Charles Kuffner on January 30, 2008 to Election 2008

I'm no fan of TT, but AG's answer's kind of scare me as it shows he has really no clue what all he is getting into. Some of his answers, such as about the radio system showed a clear lack of understanding of the issue. HPD and The City have kicked and screamed and refused to move to the regional radio system for years now. 102 agencies across 9 counties use the Harris county radio system. It definitely ain't an HCSO problem. He mentioned a lot how he's going to try to improve things for City folk by trying to use Sheriff resources to help HPD, but what about the 1.5 million residents of unincorporated Harris County? Color me unimpressed.

Posted by: Trafficnerd on January 30, 2008 7:51 AM
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