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Rice gets its parade

The 2003 National Champion Rice Owls baseball team – and no, I’m not going to get tired of typing that any time soon – got a victory parade in downtown Houston yesterday along with the Calder Cup-winning Houston Aeros. What … Continue reading Continue reading

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Sodomy ruling reaction

Ginger has some words about the local angle to the Lawrence v. Texas decision, about which Chron coverage is here, a local reaction story is here, an unsigned editorial praising the ruling here, and analysis of DA Chuck Rosenthal’s inept … Continue reading Continue reading

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Redistricting hearings

Byron’s on the job covering the redistricting hearings going on around the state. Be sure to read the various accounts of the brouhaha in Brownsville. I will be at the Houston hearing tomorrow morning and will report what goes on … Continue reading Continue reading

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Dan Morales in the pokey

“Beyond stupid” is a pretty good description of this: Declaring Dan Morales a financial risk to the community, a federal judge on Thursday ordered the former state attorney general to remain behind bars. U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks refused to … Continue reading Continue reading

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If you only read one

If you only read one blog entry from yesterday’s Appropriate Michael Savage’s Name For Your Own Purposes Day extravaganza, make sure it’s this one. The standard beverage warning applies. We now return you to your regular Savage Weiner-free blog. Continue reading

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