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The difference a week makes

Imposing a stay-at-home order sooner rather than later ha a profound effect on how many people come down with coronavirus. The person-to-person spread of the coronavirus in the Houston region would peak in two weeks and burn out by mid-May … Continue reading

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Abortion providers file suit over Abbott executive order

You can’t let crass opportunism go unchallenged. Texas abortion providers announced a lawsuit against top state officials, challenging an executive order earlier this week that included abortion in a ban of all procedures that are deemed to not be medically … Continue reading

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Coronavirus and the state budget

Ain’t gonna be great. How bad, we don’t yet know. Comptroller Glenn Hegar briefed Texas House members on the state’s economy and budget Sunday night, saying that while it was too soon for specific forecasts, both are expected to take … Continue reading

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Games in the time of coronavirus

I came across this story in Slate by Stefan Fatsis about a recent Scrabble tournament he attended, and it got me thinking. Before the tournament, I reminded players to wash their tiles and bags. (They’re an obvious germ vector, and … Continue reading

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