Weekend link dump for June 9

“No one has ever sold out a hundred shows at Madison Square Garden, and I don’t think anybody ever will.”

Cool story about Dat Nguyen, College Football Hall of Famer at Texas A&M, first Vietnamese-American to play in the NFL, with the Cowboys.

A small number of people, mostly older women, are responsible for spreading most of the misinformation on Twitter.

“Although some people might worry about the National Security Agency itself spying on their phones, the NSA has some sage advice for iPhone and android users concerned about zero-click exploits and the like: turn it off and on again once per week.”

“The [federal] guidance expects agencies to proactively address systemic risks, biases, and harms in their use of AI – a fundamental shift in how many of them have approached their obligations to protect civil liberties and rights, which all too frequently take a backseat to operational concerns. Resourcing agencies not only to establish technical safeguards but also to take a broader view of AI’s impact on society is a crucial first step in making this change. Just as important, however, is effective oversight – putting in place a system of internal and external checks that incentivizes compliance and holds agencies accountable to the public.”

“While it’s marginally refreshing to learn that some of our legends will be replacing the names we’ve read for decades, it’s a sobering reminder of how hard it is to maintain one’s history, dignity and existence if you aren’t actively doing so in real time as it happens.”

“Plot twist: WA has a law against felons running for office“. Oopsie.

“If there were negative consequences in the last 20 years of the decision to legalize marriage for same-sex couples, no one has yet been able to measure them.”

“The conservative media company behind the book and film “2,000 Mules,” which alleged a widespread conspiracy by Democrats to steal the 2020 election and was embraced by former President Donald Trump, has issued an apology and said it would halt distribution of the film and remove both the film and book from its platforms.”

RIP, Larry Allen, Pro Football Hall of Fame offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys.

Disbar him.

“The ‘Maude’ Abortion Episode Wouldn’t Air Today — Norman Lear Tried, and ‘It Wasn’t Green Lit’”.

“It’s the parents’ money to use as they see is best. We don’t necessarily see it as taxpayer money.”

Pour one out for Birmingham-Southern. Hold your heads up, gents.

Lock them up.

“The chief financial officer of conservative global news outlet The Epoch Times has been arrested and charged with leading a yearslong scheme to launder at least $67 million in illicit funds, federal prosecutors said Monday.”

“Major League Baseball formally closed its investigation into the gambling allegations surrounding Ippei Mizuhara, Shohei Ohtani’s longtime interpreter and close confidant, after Mizuhara pleaded guilty to bank and tax fraud charges Tuesday.”

RIP, Janis Paige, star of stage and screen who danced with Fred Astaire in Silk Stockings and replaced Angela Lansbury in Mame, among many other things.

I have four unfortunate words for you: Giant venomous flying spiders. I’m very sorry.

Well done, Katy Perry, well done.

Lock him up. The world will be a safer place.

“The problem with all such theories about “what the Bible says” about “The Antichrist” is that the Bible doesn’t say anything about “The Antichrist.””

Sell it all.

“In retrospect, everything about Perot’s candidacy was wild and not even remotely replicable by Kennedy.”

I too should have disclosed all of those luxury trips I got from right-wing billionaires in exchange for favorable blog coverage. I was young, it was a different time, I didn’t really understand that whole “difference between right and wrong” thing. I promise to do better going forward.

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