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Koufax awards for 2005

I’ve been remiss in noting that the nominations for the 2005 Koufax Awards are rolling out over at Wampum. This year, they’re starting with the comments closed, to give everyone time to check out as many of the nominees as possible before casting ballots. One of the joys of the Koufaxes is discovering blogs that you didn’t know about, so take advantage of the opportunity. You’ll be sure to find a new favorite or two.

Anyway, currently up for your consideration are nominees for Best New Blog, Most Deserving of Wider Recognition, and Best Local and State Blogs. You may note that I’m among the nominees in that last batch. If you’re inclined to cast a vote for me when balloting opens, that would be way cool. And if anything “happens” to me between now and then, it’s Jack‘s fault.

Finally, while you’re over at Wampum perusing these fine blogs, do consider giving them a little donation to cover their bandwidth costs, which ran into four figures last year. And click on the Barbara Radnofsky ad, too. I’ll post an update when voting begins.

UPDATE: Here’s the Best Post list. You’ll definitely need some time to read through them. And who knew Lydia Cornell was a blogger?

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  1. Larry Johnson says:

    I vote for Lydia Cornell for best blog

  2. Larry says:

    I vote for Lydia Cornell on Best Post for article on Ann Coulter on Brad’s Blog.