Iraq Internet cafe

However you feel about the current situation in Iraq, I believe this proposal by Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson is something we can all support.

This May we are returning to Iraq with the intention of dedicating a twenty-four station “Internet Cafe” in Taji. Our goal is to make the World Wide Web available via satellite link in outlying areas of rural Iraq where that service is severely limited.

Some of the hardware and equipment for this project has already been donated. The remaining need is approximately $140,000 to fund the satellite services and equipment for two years.

The Department of Texas VFW Foundation, a 501(c)3 entity, will manage the collection and disbursement of the tax deductible contributions. Corporate contributors are welcome, and it is our goal to have these resources in hand no later than May 15.

I am asking your financial support in this project. This is a personal priority of mine, ahead of re-election fundraising or any other work. I would sincerely appreciate your help.

Information about the cafe and how you can help are at the link. I’m told by Patterson’s press secretary Jim Suydam that Patterson has been hitting up elected officials in Austin to give from their campaign cash. That’s as good a use for it as I can think of.

Take a look, and if you agree that this is worthy of support, pass the link along to someone else. Thanks very much.

UPDATE: In the Pink puts it all in perspective.

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