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Casey on Radnofsky

Well, I don’t know if the headline is one that you’d want, but overall I’d say Rick Casey wrote a pretty complimentary column about Barbara Radnofsky and her Senate campaign. He certainly mentioned a lot of the things she likes to talk about, so do go and read it. One point to discuss at the end:

[S]he may well surprise a lot of people by making it into a respectable race.

And if she does, and if the “perfect storm” of Iraq and a flagging economy gathers more force in the next two years, she may well be in a position to muster a lot more resources for a 2008 race against Texas’ junior and more polarizing senator, John Cornyn.

I don’t know who it will be, but I feel pretty confident that someone will be able to mount a reasonably well-financed run against the Box Turtle man. I don’t care to speculate about who that might be, since among other things I’m too focused on 2006 to have given it much thought, but I expect it to happen. Too far off to worry about now, but file it away for later.

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  1. kevin whited says:

    Come on, admit it — you HAVE thought about Bill White.

    I don’t believe you if you say you haven’t! 🙂

    Sadly for him, his handpicked police chief is likely to make it very difficult for him to win a statewide race. But it won’t shock me if his handpicked chief of police starts spending his weeks AND weekends in Phoenix if Mayor White does get serious about a statewide race….

  2. Yes, I’ve thought about Bill White. I said “not much thought”, not “no thought”. However, I also think he’s vastly more likely to run for Governor in 2010. That’s assuming, of course, that Chris Bell is not the incumbent. I’ll get back to you sooner on this if he is.