Weekend link dump for May 3

It was the flu pandemic, and it swept the whole world wide…

And yes, I remember the 1976 swine flu vaccination debacle.

If only there had been Twitter in 1918.

Doesn’t anybody read “The Masque of the Red Death” any more?

By the way, this swine flu outbreak serves as another reason why studying evolution matters. Someone should tell Don McLeroy.

Oh, and via Yglesias, how sweet it is that Sen. Susan Collins of Maine made sure we didn’t waste any money on pandemic flu preparations in the Recovery Act. Which she’s not so proud of any more. Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York got in the act, too. For shame.

Here’s one sure way to get swine flu. Well, maybe.

OK, enough swine flu. How about some nude German hikers?

The Top 10 Sitcom Cameos Made By Other Sitcom Characters. Beware – your head may explode. Via Tubular.

Meet the teabaggers.

100 days in, eight years ago.

A feminist perspective on the first 100 days.

So, how about that Arlen Specter? Will RINO hunting cease to be fashionable among his former brethren? Or will the Freedom Tent save them?

Toby Keith acknowledges that he can hold a grudge. For some odd reason, this was considered newsworthy.

It may be possible to be stupider than Michelle Bachmann, but I don’t think it’s possible to be stupider than her and also be able to breathe unassisted.

Michael Steele: The First 100 Days.

Of course, by some measures, Obama’s first 100 days were an abysmal failure.

Happy 90th birthday, Pete!

Congrats to Texas Monthly for the 2009 National Magazine Award for General Excellence!

TCOT fail.

You know, maybe I should start reading those software license agreements a bit more closely.

So how’s that Hispanic outreach going, Republicans?

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  1. Jim Thompson says:

    You don’t think licking a pig is a sure way to get swine flu? Try it. I dare you. I triple-dog dare you!

    (And thanks for the link.)

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