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Saturday video break: The stations are alive with the sound of music

Best reason I can imagine to have trains: So you can do this in the train station.

Awesome. Of course, it helps to have a train station like that one, but still. And have I mentioned how I can’t wait to watch “The Sound Of Music” with my daughters? Yes, I have. Thanks to ‘stina for the catch.

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  1. John says:

    My mom was obsessed with The Sound of Music when I was a kid. When it was on TV, everything in house stopped. When we lived in Germany, we went to see a live production of it; it was all in German, and my mom didn’t understand a word of it, but she didn’t care.

    One of my fond memories of boyhood: taking the train into New York City. We boarded at our suburban outdoor platform, and stepped out an hour later into Grand Central Station, and just being in that enormous space, with people rushing in all directions, always gave me a rush.

    In Boston I love walking through Back Bay Station and admiring the soaring modern space; it was two blocks from home. In DC I always loved walking through Union Station (and love that scene in that old science fiction movie, whose name escapes me, where the aliens are attacking nearby).

    Paris gave me great memories of train stations – making my way through the Gallic chaos of Chatelaine to get to the right train mid-day, waiting for an early train to Koln or Amsterdam at Gare du Nord, and of course the fabulous Musee d’Orsay, in a former train station.

    Train stations are just magical.