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Saturday video break: One man band

Ever see a one-man band, where one dude, usually a street musician, plays a bunch of instruments at once? It’s impressive in a way, but usually (to me, anyway) more hokey than remarkable. Here’s an example of something that truly is an achievement in multi-tasking:

Pretty damn cool, if you ask me. Learn more about the 18-year-old who did this here. Thanks to Coverville for the tip.

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One Comment

  1. Amy says:

    Wow. Normally when you hear a cover version of a song, there is some indication that it’s a cover, that it’s either missing something from the original or something has been intentionally shifted in some way. If I listen to this with my eyes closed, I would swear i’d gotten out my old Boston albums. Until the singer starts singing, but not because he’s not good, he just has a slightly different vocal quality than Brad Delp did.

    I can’t WAIT to hear what this kid does with Roundabout. (And, dude, if you’re going to be a one-man band, the sure way to impress is to keep picking complex, rich songs from the prog rock era. Wow. He’s not shooting at easy targets.)