Doing the liveblogging thing

I’m at the KUHT studios with Mike Reed and Ree-C Murphey for another round of “Houston Have Your Say”. You can follow our thoughts here. If you want to participate more actively, you can do it by voting in their poll:

What is your biggest concern about health care reform?

To vote: Text a KEYWORD to 99503

Expense – EXPENSE
Lack of public option – LACK
Losing my coverage – COVERAGE
Government involvement – GOVERN

Send in your vote and let us know!

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One Response to Doing the liveblogging thing

  1. The Thing in the Basement says:

    Not sure if you covered all concerns:

    The insurance companies arrange “reform” in such a way as to become more powerful and richer than before (e.g. mandates + weakened public option available only in restricted conditions) – GIVEAWAY

    The “public option” is included, but redefined and watered down so as to present no threat to the insurance cartel – DILUTED

    It will take an unnecessarily long time to take effect (2013 or later) – DELAY

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