Election results: The Lege

There are way too many races to recap here, and since the Trib has done such a thorough job of it, I’ll leave the heavy lifting to them. A few highlights:

– Steve Ogden easily won re-nomination in SD5, and Kip Averitt was returned to the ballot in SD22. Each faced fringe opponents, so these are good results as far as maintaining a functioning Senate goes. Averitt as we know had sought to drop out. He may yet do that, at which time we’ll get appointed nominees from both parties; if he changes his mind, he’s in, as no Dem filed originally.

– Borris Miles won by a razor-thin margin over Al Edwards in HD146. The margin as of this morning was all of eleven votes. Yes, you can expect a recount, and that’s a small enough number that there’s a chance the outcome could change. Don’t carve anything into stone just yet. A statement from Miles’ campaign is beneath the fold.

– Despite some predictions that Rep. Terri Hodge, who recently pleaded guilty to lying on her tax returns and stated her intention to resign after being sentenced, would still win her primary, challenger Eric Johnson defeated her by a large margin. There is no Republican challenger, so Johnson will be sworn in next January.

– Rep. Betty Brown, best known for her inability to handle Asian names, lost. That’s good. Rep. Tommy Merritt of Longview, who had faced primary challenges every cycle this decade for his opposition to Tom Craddick and other acts of heresy, also lost. That’s not good. Rep. Delwin Jones is in a runoff. On the Democratic side, Reps. Dora Olivo of Fort Bend and Tara Rios Ybarra of South Padre Island lost, and Rep. Norma Chavez of El Paso is in a runoff. Go click those Trib links for more.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll post links to more coverage later as I see them.

Local entrepreneur Borris Miles claims victory over long-term rival Al Edwards in the March 2nd primary
by eleven votes. Miles was first elected to the Texas State House of Representatives in November 2006 and as a
freshman representative authored, joint-authored and amended 25 pieces of meaningful legislation.

“This victory is particularly important,” says Borris Miles, State Representative-elect. “I am honored to have the
opportunity to get back to work for the people of District 146. We have much to accomplish. I do want to thank
Representative Edwards for his service to the community.”

“I’m excited to have Borris return to Austin. He is clearly the most qualified candidate and has a strong record as
a legislator,” says Mayor Annise Parker. “During tough economic times, his business savvy should make a
significant difference for the City of Houston and the state.”

Miles has committed to a five-point plan, which includes:
1. Affordable health care for seniors and youth;
2. Creation of jobs and expansion of small businesses;
3. Revitalization of neighborhoods;
4. Quality educational opportunities for all people; and
5. Reduction of utility rates and a green, renewable community.

“I grew up in this district and have watched our community continue to deteriorate,” says Ronald Green, Houston
City Controller. “It is time to get back to work for the people of District 146 and Borris is the representative we need.”

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4 Responses to Election results: The Lege

  1. Alex Rotenberry says:

    Loretta Haldenwang won her primary to face Linda Harper-Brown in HD 105 in November.

    Two SBOE incumbents also lost here in Northern Dallas county – Miller and McLeroy.

  2. MJSamuelson says:

    Oh, now, come on – Merritt was helpful to no one except himself, and even then, he was more often detrimental. We may disagree on who should replace him, but Merritt is an example of what’s often wrong in the Legislature. Furniture, furniture, furniture. Longview, and Texas, are better off.

  3. Thinking says:

    And Craddick’s pet, Milton Rister, lost his race in HD20 despite the big bucks thrown his way.

  4. Voter in District 146 says:

    It is a sad day when the best district 146 has to offer is Borris Miles. He is an arogant man who displays a since of entitlement. Hopefully next election a formatable candidate will compete for this elected position. Dedicated Voter

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