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More legislative pushback against the SBOE


Texas risks becoming a national laughingstock by diminishing Thomas Jefferson, banning the word “capitalism,” and otherwise distorting history for its public schools, the chairman of the Legislature’s largest caucus said Tuesday, announcing a hearing on the state’s proposed social studies curriculum standards.

The Mexican American Legislative Caucus will bring academic experts to the state Capitol on April 28, in an attempt to “repair what undoubtedly will be a very broken history book for millions of Texas public school children,” said Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio.


Martinez Fischer and others fault the board for ignoring recommendations from teachers and professors it appointed to help draft new standards.

“What’s become very clear to us is that the academics and the noted experts charged with the recommendations of putting our curriculum standards together have been locked up in a closet,” he said. “And the state board, on a very partisan and ideological standard, has begun to rewrite these books and put people in and taken people out without true debate on the appropriateness.”

This is a fight we need to pick, and I’m glad that Rep. Martinez-Fischer and the rest of MALC is engaging in it. Let the SBOE clowns try to defend their idiocy. The more they can be put on the spot, the better.

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