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Weekend link dump for May 9

M is for the many links she gave me…

Disneyland after dark.

It’s hard work, looking out for all that state-sanctioned immodesty.

Even the best case scenario for the Gulf coast oil spill is mighty terrible. No wonder BP is trying to insulate itself from the costs of its actions. Oh, and would someone please explain to me where in the Constitution does it say that the Federal government has the power to cap runaway oil wells? I mean, since the states do so much better at everything than the feds, maybe the states should pay for the cleanup in the Gulf, too. Perhaps someone should ask Rep. Culberson about that.

There’s a reason why comprehensive immigration reform is hard to do.

We live in a golden age for film criticism.

Would those of you who think that not all Americans are protected by the Constitution please supply a list of criteria so we can all distinguish between the Real Americans and the Not Quite Real Americans? Thanks.

Don’t tase me, blue!

I never would have thought that color naming could be so geeky. And funny.

The birthplace of the Buckyball.

Congrats to The Bloggess!

Why aren’t there more terrorist attacks?

The measure of a maverick.

The third party fantasy will never die.

“The transvestite community has stepped up its game.”

The drumbrella. Yeah, I think that would drive me nuts, too.

Younger brothers steal more. Bases, anyway.

It was 25 years ago this week that the Staten Island Ferry boat the “American Legion” was rammed by a Norwegian freighter called the Hoech Orchid on a foggy morning. I remember it well because I was on the ferry on my way to school. Thankfully, both boats were moving very slowly – drifting, basically – due to the extremely poor visibility, and very few people were hurt. Sadly, that was not the case with this week’s Ferry crash.

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