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Meet Joe Jaworski

The Chron had a profile of newly-elected Galveston Mayor Joe Jaworski over the weekend.

Jaworski said he will focus on improving the life of existing residents rather than encouraging construction on the west end.


Jaworski said he wants to lure businesses to the city by making it a better place to live. Part of that solution, he says, is changing Galveston’s image. “Now the hit is that it’s dirty and the schools are poor,” he said.

He doesn’t believe that Galveston schools deserve their poor reputation, and he wants to talk with the school board about how to change it.

Jaworski wants a report from city staff at every council meeting on what is being done to spruce up the city. He wants zoning regulations enforced to rid Galveston of shoddy buildings. And he wants to entice development on the thousands of empty lots that dot the city’s east end.

He also embraces a report by the Urban Land Institute that says Seawall Boulevard could be converted into one the nation’s great boulevards.

Galveston works on a city manager system, so Jaworski can’t do these things on his own, but I have faith in his ability to get stuff done. You can listen to the interview I did with him before the election here.

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