Still no verdict in the DeLay trial

Two days of deliberation, lots of questions being asked, but still no decision from the DeLay jury. They’ll try again today, and I’ll be a little surprised if they strike out again. Having said that, a hung jury is certainly within the realm of possibility here. I just wonder if the Travis County DA’s office will take another shot at him if that happens, or if they go for what should be the lower-hanging fruit of Jim Ellis and John Colyandro instead. I’d choose the latter – who knows, they might be able to exert enough pressure during the trial to get them to cop a plea and agree to testify against DeLay in the do-over – but nobody asked me. Juanita has more.

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One Response to Still no verdict in the DeLay trial

  1. Peter Wang says:

    If he gets sent to prison for life… that punishment would be rather excessive. It’s amazing that murderers and rapists get out in just a few years. I got out of jury duty once, because I couldn’t consider the full range of punishment for a man accused of embezzling $250,000… he could’ve been sent away for 20 years. Hey, I lost tens of thousands in the 2008-2009 financial meltdown, and NO ONE has gone to jail yet!

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